Mesys Coating Lines

Coating and converting

Beschichtung und Veredelung

In coating and converting manufacturing processes for high-quality manufacturing, it is crucial not to lose any information on production. Compared to common scan systems that have a limited product control, our patented ultrasonic sensor USMX 200-500/MCT NIR System offers a safe as well as clean inspection of weight and/or moisture level. Close monitoring of said parameters is decisive in most production processes.

We are worldwide the first manufacturer that developed an in-line weight measurement with 100 percent product coverage, with the array version of the also patented ultrasonic sensor USMX200-500. With this system, we advanced successfully to market-leaders in the field of in-line and off-line weight and thickness measurement of anode and cathode production of lithium batteries.

System specification

Adhesive coatings
Silicon coating
Li-Ion battery coating
Thin film coating
Abrasive coating
Paper coating
Textile coating

Production weight range

0.1 gsm – 10,000 gsm

Sensor solutions for the weight measurement

USMX200 0.1 gsm – 1,000 gsm
USMX500   1.000 gsm – 4,000 gsm
TRX01   0.5 gsm – 10,000 gsm

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