Mesys Non-woven Lines

Non Woven Lines

Non-woven applications include a wide range of products: personal hygiene, membranes for building and agricultural sectors, medicals,  etc.  Each production requires efficient parameters control: 

  • Total product weight 
  • Product moisture content 

Mesys On-line basis weight and moisture measurement and control systems help users to control the key quality parameters, ensuring customer demands are met and process efficiency and profitability are optimized.

System specification

Non woven

Production weight range:
0.1 gsm – 4.000 gsm

Sensor solutions

USMX200   0.1 gsm – 1.000 gsm
USMX500   1.000 gsm – 4.000 gsm
TRX01   0.5 gsm – 10.000 gsm

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