Mesys Non-woven Lines

Non-woven fabrics


We come across non-woven fabrics on a daily basis. They can be found in products for personal hygiene, in the sanitary and medical field, in the automotive as well as construction and agriculture industry. Other product requirements might be needed, depending on the application. They have all one thing in common though: Controlling the total weight and moisture level.

With MeSys-inline measurement and control system, you can control the weight and moisture reliably, ensuring not only the needed customer requirements but also optimizing the process efficiency and profitability. 

System specification


Production weight range

0.1 gsm – 4,000 gsm

Sensor Solutions for weight measurement

USMX200   0.1 gsm – 1,000 gsm
USMX500   1,000 gsm – 4,000 gsm
TRX01   0.5 gsm – 10,000 gsm

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