Mesys Lamination Lines



In the production of laminates, there are 4 important parameters that need to be monitored and controlled in order to manufacture a high-quality product: Coating weight and/or thickness as well as total weight and moisture level of the product. We provide a complete solution for monitoring and controlling said parameters. We analyze first your production process in order to allow you to work with the ideal measurement sensors during production for your application and at the same time to gain high quality and profitability.

System specification

Lamination of film
Lamination of paper
Lamination of Al foil etc.

Production thickness range

0.1 µm – 30 mm

Sensor solutions for weight measurement

USMX200   0.1 µm – 1.000 µm
USMX500   1.000 µm – 4.000 µm

Sensor solutions for thickness measurement

DAC   500 µm – 30 mm
MCT TC   0.1 µm – 100 µm 

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