Mesys Lamination Lines

Lamination Lines

In the production of  laminates there are 4 important parameters that need to be monitored and controlled for manufacturing a high quality product: Coating weight and/or thickness substrate weight. Total product weight. Moisture content. Mesys can offer a complete solution for monitoring and controlling the above parameters. We first analyze the manufacturing process to be able to give the best solution for achieving a high quality and high profitability production.

System specification

Lamination of film, paper, Al foil etc.

Production thickness range:
0.1 µm – 30 mm

Sensor solutions

USMX200   0.1 µm – 1.000 µm
USMX500   1.000 µm – 4.000 µm
DAC   500 µm – 30 mm
MCT TC   0.1 µm – 100 µm 

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