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Moisture measurement

For what regards moisture content analysis in web manufacturing, Mesys can cover all materials. Our nondestructive, non-contacting NIR measurement technology gives a simple but valid and effective solution for paper and non-woven applications or coating on metal foils. For multiple colors and heavy material we provide high standard microwave sensor technology.


Pictogram MeSys Sensor MCT - NIR

Near Infrared Sensor
non-contact, non-radiation
moisture – coat weight

ONLine Moisture Measurement.
Thickness of coatings can be evaluated by the absorbtion of wavelength.

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Microwave sensor
Moisture measurement
2 – 70 %

The microwave frequency deviation is used as the measuring principle. The sensor is a microwave cavity resonator. This means that the unit is extremly insensitive to most fillings. The moisture measurement range covers all types of paper, textiles and multi-ply materials etc.

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