Mesys Composites Lines

Composite Materials


We developed sensor technologies for production process monitoring in the automotive and construction field as well as wood board manufacturing.

With our patented ultrasonic sensor USMX and our x-ray technology, we are able to allow for a precise in-line measurement of weight or rather thickness. We offer different measurement solutions for composite materials, depending on the application and the specific material and process properties.

System specification

Fiber glass
Tar sheets
Wood sheets
Building materials

Production thickness range

0.1 µm – 200 mm

Sensor solutions for weight measurement

USMX200   0.1 µm – 1.000 µm
USMX500   1.000 µm – 4.000 µm
TRX01   0.5 gsm – 10.000 gsm

Sensor solutions for thickness measurement

DAC   500 µm – 30 mm
TOM   500 µm – 200 mm

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