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Thickness measurement

We enhance your product quality by means of the patented technology of our in-line thickness measurement device with its high-performance control algorithm for automated control of productions. We developed said control algorithm in cooperation with the biggest manufacturers worldwide. The very accurate thickness measurement offers you the following benefits:  

  • Improve product quality
  • Safe non radiation technology
  • Shorten start-up time
  • Maximize product yield
  • Minimize production costs
  • Optimize the process
  • Reduce downtime
  • Save on raw materials
  • Reduced energy costs

DAC – Air cushion

Pictogram MeSys Sensor DAC

Aircushion / Eddy Current
0.2 – 30 mm

The sensor DAC is suitable for two-sided contactless measurement. The measuring head and the reference plate float on an insulating air cushion in constant distance to the measuring material. The arrangement is executed in such a way that the same low aerodynamic power can be carried out on both sides without touching the continuous material.

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LSS2 – Laser shadow measurement

Pictogram MeSys Sensor LSS2

Laser Shadow
0.5 – 5 mm

The laser shadow measurement calculates the thickness of web by the difference of distance from eddy current sensor to the roller and the web surface measured by the CCD camera from the laser scan micrometer.

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MM2  – contacted measurement system

Pictogram MeSys Sensor MM2

no marks
0 – 4 mm

Contact measurement happens by means of flexible measuring rolls against an aluminum roller or plate. The measurement method is especially suitable for traversing measurement. (Non- Contact principle of measurement due to eddy current sensor)

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TOM – Laser triangulation

Pictogram MeSys Sensor TOM

Laser Triangulation
0.5 – 200 mm

If the surface finish of the measuring material is suitable, one can measure with laser triangulation. The distance between both sensors is fixed by a combined inductive sensor or adjusted by a zero cross profile.

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USMX – Ultrasonic distance measurement

Pictogram MeSys Sensor USMX

USMX-200, USMX-500
Ultrasonic Distance Measurement
0 – 200 µm

The ultrasonic distance measurement is a new patented method to determine basis weight and/or thickness of thin material. Therefore, all materials such as fleece, paper, plastic and also electrically conductive materials like aluminum, coated, gold, etc. can be measured traversing and without contact. With the smallest thickness a precision of 20 nm is reached. Due to the small sensor technology, a light-measuring frame made of aluminum profiles for a scan width up to 10m was constructed for this system.

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