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Weight measurement

MeSys GmbH is worldwide the first company to have developed a real on-line weight measurement technology for compact material. Our patented USMX 200 and 500 ultra-sound technology is the first and still only direct weight sensor which is not influenced by chemical composition of the material, color or density. No calibration is required when changing material.

For manufacturing processes of non-compact material (foamy or non-woven) MeSys has developed a highly sophisticated X-ray sensor technology, microprocessor controlled, to achieve a very constant X-ray flux and an excellent measure method with low kilovoltage emitter (no radiations dispersions).

USMX  – Ultrasonic Absorption

Pictogram MeSys Sensor USMX

Ultrasonic Absorption
0 – 4,000 gsm

The ultrasonic absorption is a new patented measuring method to determine basis weight and/or thickness of thin material. Therefore, all materials like fleece, paper, plastic and also electrically conductive materials like aluminum, coated, gold, etc. can be measured traversing and without contact. With the smallest thickness a precision of 20 nm is reached. Due to the small sensor technology a light measuring frame made of aluminum profiles for a scan width up to 10m was constructed for this system.

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TRX01 – X-rays in transmission or backscatter

Pictogram MeSys Sensor TRX01 - SEN5BS

X-rays in transmission or backscatter
0.5 – 10,000 gsm

The TRX01 is characterized by soft X-rays from < 5Kv or < 30 Kv. Weight measurement is allowed within the transmission mode through absorption of material. The on-line measurement is predestined for heavy product and harsh production environments.

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