The sensors USMX-200 as well as USMX-500 are a new measurement method for weight and/or thickness of thin materials. The measurement range of the patented thickness measurement of USMX-200 is between 0 and 1,000 g/m2. The entire range of USMX (200 and 500) reaches from 0 to 4,000 g/m2 and concerning very thin materials with a precision of 0.5 percent of the measurement value. Measured are materials such as fleece, paper, plastic as well as electrically conductive materials such as aluminum, coated materials, gold etc. These can be measured contact-free with a traversing sensor. A precision of 20nm is achieved with smallest thickness. Due to the small sensor technology, a lighter measurement frame from aluminum profiles for a scan width of up to 10m has been developed for the system.