MeSys covers demands for non-radiometric measurement systems

Booth at ICE 2019 attracted many trade visitors

MeSys GmbH, manufacturer of radiation-free, non-radiometric system solutions for web measurement of grammage, thickness and moisture, looks back on a successful ICE 2019. “We have exactly covered the needs of the visitors with our presented exhibits. The demand for our products was very high,” explains Eva Knorr, Managing Director of MeSys GmbH.

The exhibited patented measuring system USMX-200/500 is suitable for inline measurement of different materials. The measuring range is 0 to 4000 grams per square meter. The accuracy of 0.5 percent of the measured value is achieved by the patented ultrasonic technology even with very thin materials. The sensor impresses with a scanning frequency of 100 measurements per second even at high web speeds of up to 650 meters per minute. The measuring frame is available for web widths up to 5 meters.

Another exhibit was the patented CFS400 USMX-200 scanner, which uses the same sensors. The very compact design makes it ideal for environments in which space is an issue and high measurement accuracy is required in terms of thickness and weight. It is also suitable for applications with thin coatings such as lithium battery anodes and cathodes.

With these measuring frames, the company expands the application areas of the DAC (air cushion) and TOM (laser triangulation) sensors, which also permit contactless and non-radiometric measurement of materials with a thickness of up to 200 millimeters.

The new OLC 360 lump detector, which detects dynamic thickness fluctuations, also attracted the interest of trade visitors. The system works like a safety light barrier and detects protruding foreign bodies or material detachments in the area of the entire web width.

With PPS-500 MeSys presented a portable grammage measuring device for small web widths. It is also designed for non-contact inline measurement of thin materials and measures continuously in longitudinal direction of the produced web. The Lab Profiler has been developed for laboratory applications and quality control: With only one scan, it measures the basis weight of material strips made of e.g. paper, plastic, metal and textiles by means of an ultrasonic sensor and at the same time the thickness with a high-precision contact roller.