MeSys continues to rely on partnership with Erhard + Leimer

The partnership between MeSys and Erhard+Leimer continues

Focus on international markets

MeSys GmbH, based in Greifenberg, Bavaria, recently extended its long-standing partnership with Erhard + Leimer GmbH. Under a new contract, it was agreed that the company, which specializes in automation technologies on moving webs, will act as a MeSys sales partner worldwide.   →   “MeSys continues to rely on partnership with Erhard + Leimer”

Three at once

Non-radiometric measuring systems of the MeSys GmbH are in the focus of the K

At this year’s K trade fair in Dusseldorf, three systems from MeSys GmbH will be exhibited for non-radiometric web measurement of weight and thickness of flat web materials in Hall 10, Stand F03.   →   “Three at once”