MeSys continues to rely on partnership with Erhard + Leimer

The partnership between MeSys and Erhard+Leimer continues

Focus on international markets

MeSys GmbH, based in Greifenberg, Bavaria, recently extended its long-standing partnership with Erhard + Leimer GmbH. Under a new contract, it was agreed that the company, which specializes in automation technologies on moving webs, will act as a MeSys sales partner worldwide. “We have maintained close contact for many years and look back on a productive collaboration that we will be very happy to continue in the future,” explains Dr. Daniel Eggerath, operational managing director of MeSys GmbH. The sales orientation at Erhard + Leimer ensures very good access to international markets for MeSys, which can thereby be supplied with the reliable products for measuring thickness and basis weight in the future. Especially with our array systems, we regularly encounter high demand even beyond the country’s borders,” says Eggerath. Contrary to traversing single sensors, these have a large number of fixed sensors, which allow an almost 100% measurement of the web product. As a result, users achieve a higher quality product, low waste rates, and at the same time increase production efficiency. In the course of the increasingly international use of MeSys systems, the company also relies on a corresponding control and visualization solution that not only offers an intuitive user interface, but also provides uncomplicated remote access and fast assistance when needed – worldwide. “We are sure that the intensification of our partnership with Erhard + Leimer will be beneficial for all parties involved and we are looking forward to the upcoming projects,” the Managing Director sums up with satisfaction.