Chinese market relies on MeSys solutions

Battery production with the help of precise basis weight measurement

MeSys GmbH is now also represented in the Chinese market with its measurement solutions in the field of battery manufacturing. The experts for non-radiometric measurement of flat materials have now been able to gain a foothold in Asia’s largest market thanks to the partnership with BPE Bavarian Precision Equipment GmbH. “The demand in the battery sector is rising steadily. Not only in the industry, but also in the private sector, one can clearly observe that for example lithium-ion batteries will be increasingly used as an energy source in the future. This, of course, increases the demand. The partnership with BPE, which operates locally, is a logical step for us, since China dominates the global battery market and its supply chains,” explains Managing Director Prof. Dr. Daniel Eggerath. Non-radiometric web measurement of basis weight, thickness and moisture plays a critical role in battery production to achieve a high quality product. The array systems of the company from Greifenberg are therefore in particular demanded in China and have already been installed by BPE in a battery plant. In contrast to traversing individual sensors, MeSys solutions have a large number of fixed sensors that enable almost 100% measurement of the web product. The advantage, especially in the field of battery production, is that the measuring frame can also be used in the wet area and the adaptation of the wet layer (transverse and longitudinal profile) takes place directly behind the coating unit even before drying. “The measurement here is done using USMX ultrasonic distance measurement, a patented measurement method to accurately determine the basis weight or thickness of thin materials. The electrically conductive web products can be measured accurately as well as contact-free during the run. Possible deviations from the target value are detected immediately in this way, so that corrections can be made without delay. This results in a considerable reduction in waste, process optimization and maximum quality,” summarizes Eggerath.