Chinese market relies on MeSys solutions

Battery production with the help of precise basis weight measurement

MeSys GmbH is now also represented in the Chinese market with its measurement solutions in the field of battery manufacturing. The experts for non-radiometric measurement of flat materials have now been able to gain a foothold in Asia’s largest market thanks to the partnership with BPE Bavarian Precision Equipment GmbH.   →   “Chinese market relies on MeSys solutions”

Mobile recording of weight, thickness and density of lithium-ion batteries

MeSys GmbH launches patented, non-radiometric solution with Lab Scan

With Lab Scan, MeSys GmbH has developed the first mobile laboratory device for the production of lithium-ion batteries respectively for measuring the weight, thickness and density of the electrode material used. Using a patented ultrasound sensor Lab Scan detects the weight while the sample is running under the sensor which has a scanning pattern.   →   “Mobile recording of weight, thickness and density of lithium-ion batteries”