Mobile recording of weight, thickness and density of lithium-ion batteries

MeSys GmbH launches patented, non-radiometric solution with Lab Scan

With Lab Scan, MeSys GmbH has developed the first mobile laboratory device for the production of lithium-ion batteries respectively for measuring the weight, thickness and density of the electrode material used. Using a patented ultrasound sensor Lab Scan detects the weight while the sample is running under the sensor which has a scanning pattern. The non-destructive, non-contact and non-radiometric measurement method achieves very accurate values while sample is in motion. Thickness measurement is achieved through advanced laser technology which is also non-destructive, contactless and non-radiometric. The advantage of Lab Scan is not just that it’s portable, it also allows a complete inspection of the weight, thickness and density of the moving sample in real time at a resolution of 0.001 gsm to 0.5 μm. The measurement is performed at a high speed of 120 Hz. In addition, high-resolution CMOS camera are used for the analysis of the upper and lower web and coating edges. “For the user the Lab Scan offers the advantage that measurements can be performed at any time and at any place. This is the only way to create a very high quality end product”, explains Eva Knorr, Managing Director of MeSys GmbH.