Great interest in in-line measurement systems for production of flat materials

MeSys looks back upon a successful K 2019

The MeSys GmbH is more than satisfied with this year’s course of the K trade fair. The company, specialized in the measurement of flat materials via non-radiometric system solutions, presented the trade visitors three different sensors. The USMX 200 measures the surface weight and/or the thickness of thinner materials. The measurement system works contact as well as radiation-free, due to its patented ultrasonic technology. In this way, all materials, including electroconductive or traversing coating materials, can be measured. Very thin materials have a measurement accuracy of 0.5 percent of the measurement value. At the same time, interfering signals as well as environmental impacts are blocked out. Another exhibit that took the spotlight was the Array version of the USMX 200. This system offers an in-line weight measurement with 100 percent product coverage, since various sensor rows are implanted throughout the entire web width. All materials can be measured here as well, such as synthetic materials or metals in black or transparent. Typical application fields are battery separators or foil coating. In addition, the company exhibits with the robust PPS 200 the ideal system for online thickness and weight measurement, which is suited for control of industrial processes and for quality management in harsh industrial environments. The portable surface weight measurement device for lab applications works also with the radiation-free ultrasonic technology. It is predestined for smaller web widths as well as for measuring fixed points. “We had eight successful trade fair days, where we established new contacts and intensified already existing ones and we managed to meet the trade visitors’ pulse with our exhibited products”, sums up Silvio Dalbuono happily, Sales Manager at the MeSys GmbH.