Battery Show 2020

MeSys presents scanner frames for low space requirement at Battery Show

MeSys GmbH exhibits at the Battery Show Europe 2020 in Stuttgart, Germany. From the 28th till the 30th of April, booth # 472 revolves around non-radiometric measurement of flat materials, focussing on the scanner frame CFS for on-line control of weight and thickness. CFS is a compact frame for production lines, that has limited space requirement but of high precision and stability well suited for measurement of weight and/or thickness. The weight and/or thickness sensor is located within the frame, so as it is protected from environmental influences. It is especially predestined for fine coatings that are e.g. used in the production of lithium-ion anodes and cathodes. The scanner frame is optionally available with and without a roller. “The advantage of this system is clearly the possibility of a 2-in-1 solution. The measurement range between 0 and 1,000 gsm is covered with the in-line weight sensor USMX-200, whereas the thickness sensor TOM registers the measurement range between 200 µm and 30 mm. Naturally, the frame is also available with only one of the two sensors, depending on the requirements”, explains Silvio Dalbuono, Export Sales Manager at MeSys GmbH an adds that the whole team is looking forward to introduce this smart solution to the trade fair visitors.