Focus on new control technology and order processing

MeSys GmbH team secures in times of Corona the delivery capability

The MeSys GmbH looks, despite of Corona, on full order books. The expert of non-radiometric system solutions for the measurement of flat materials, records a high order intake with large-scale projects well into fall. Furthermore, a new Hard- and Software based on SPS is introduced, which has been recently delivered with the increasingly popular Array system of the USMX 200. This system is characterized by a non-contact, non-radiometric in-line basis weight measurement in real-time with high sampling rates and 100 percent product coverage. In combination with the new control, MeSys optimizes the system’s performance and in particular the availability and service. The modular design allows for the realization of different customer requirements, such as adapting the traversing speed to the trajectory velocity or the depiction of different web paths within the plant. “Our focus lies further on establishing the new software as well as the systematic processing of the orders. For the former we check on a case-by-case-basis whether the existing plant needs alterations or if a replacement is necessary. Since we usually have long lead times, we are able to meet the delivery deadlines even under the current circumstances. We also don’t see currently any bigger downtimes from our sub suppliers”, explains Enno Duplitzer, technical manager of MeSys GmbH and adds, that his team receives many mails from potential new clients, asking for information regarding the products and new as well as further developments. Currently pending maintenance work has been postponed by the company with its headquarter in Bavaria, Germany, to different dates, whereas the remote service, which works well with TeamViewer, still runs smoothly.