MeSys GmbH at ICE Europe 2022:

Precise measuring systems optimize production processes in every respect

MeSys GmbH, based in Greifenberg, Bavaria, will exhibit its products for precise, non-contact and non-radiometric thickness and basis weight measurement of flat web materials at ICE Europe in Munich, Germany, March 15-17, 2022, in Hall A5, Booth 1114. The focus here will be on the company’s array systems, which deliver particularly precise results thanks to their technology. “Due to the substantial number of fixed sensors, our solution offers almost 100 percent measurement of the web product. Our measuring frames of the OFA series give users the possibility to perform their measurement immediately after the slitting die. This not only achieves precise results in the measurement, but also virtually eliminates waste,” explains Prof. Dr. Daniel Eggerath, operational managing director of MeSys GmbH, adding, “This significantly promotes not only economic efficiency, but also the sustainability of production.” At ICE Europe, the specialists also want to present their expertise in the field of data intelligence. “Just as important as the exact measurement of product properties is the seamless control and visualization of the data obtained. We provide a software solution that leaves nothing to be desired in this area,” explains the managing director. Because the latter is already convincing users around the world based on its reliability, fault detection, flexibility and intuitive use. Apart from these solutions for process control, MeSys will also be showing LABscan in Munich, a measuring device for off-line measurement. This offers real-time measurement of basis weight, thickness, and density. When using the ultrasonic measurement method, a resolution of up to 0.001 g/m2 is achieved for basis weight. A confocal laser measurement method is used to determine thickness down to 0.5 µm. “We are proud to present some of our services to ICE visitors on site and are sure that we will also convince them of the quality,” concludes Daniel Eggerath.